So WHO are these free videos for & WHY did we create it?

 The FREE videos in this site are for:

  •  Anyone who wants to change the course of their life and do something extraordinary and travel the world!
  • Anyone who thinks this might be useful to improve their life, including those who do local guiding and sales people
  • First year Tour Leaders who have been rushed through their first year (but still have areas they need to improve and want to refocus on)
  • More experienced Tour Leaders who just want to brush up
  • Small tour companies who struggle to train new Tour Leaders or dont have the time

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So the huge benefits of learning this systems on this site before you reach interview stage:


  • Go into a job interview a cut above the others- Know how to secure the job
  • Know the systems intimately and reduce the stresses and learning curve completely
  • Fast track your experience, enjoy and run better tours right away, and earn more money through higher commissions and greater tips because of it
  • Learn how to speak publicly and use your voice and body
  • And much much more….


Looking at success through the ages:

If you read any book on success or read autobiographies they all say the same thing. Success leaves clues, and follows a path of SYSTEMS. Follow the steps of those who are successful and you will too. It’s just the way the world and the human mind works.

If you develop a sound set of SYSTEMS and more importantly the understanding of why you are adopting these SYSTEMS, as well as knowing the end result you want to achieve, then you will be successful and understand how to control any situation and bring things back when they don’t go to plan.

So those are our 3 keys to share with you:

  1. Have sound systems that are proven to work such at the ones in this course
  2. Understand why you are using them and when to use them
  3. Always know your intended result/s


Why we created a learning system and….More of the story!

Honestly, I was sad from seeing and hearing about new tour leaders not having all the skills needed to be a massive success in the industry and feeling a little bit let down by the mass trainings. Hearing about so many good potentially amazing tour leaders drop out, being asked to leave, or sent on the road without the right developed skills!

Today through neccesity companies are taking potential tour leaders on mass long training tours, which can be  health crushing, crammed in most cases with more than humanly possible to learn, leading to people forgetting information and more importantly forgetting how the SYSTEMS of being a tour leader work. Getting so scrambled due to a real lack of sleep, overworked  and yet a lack of real practice , that the most vital information and ideas learnt in the training are gone to the past, almost like they were never learnt at all!

The main focus gravitating on if you can write and deliver correct spiels (Talks) on the coach and when you’re in public, whilst also wearing you down with everyday running around in new cities trying to learn all the infinite practical information you need in just a short few hours.

just a minute to rest my eyes… PLEASE!!

Don’t get me wrong spieling and ‘fact finding’ practical information is very important to your success, but doesn’t matter how much you know if you cant put together a seamless tour and learn how to deal with the important things that WILL turn up on tour.

With the training’s essential needs and a shortage of time to learn there seems to be a loss in time for difficult scenarios and dealing with real people. We have found that it leads to a lack of understanding in how to deliver what people NEED on tour, while still ticking all the boxes for running an AMAZING tour. That becomes a real problem in a real life situtation.

Trying to train groups of 40-50 people in one attempt has become the norm and can leave the resources for learning spread thin. We all need to understand that the secret to success is not only to learn the correct systems from the start, but also get enough exposure so it becomes part of the automated memory system. You dont become the world’s best guitarist by sitting through some lessons and then by simply picking up the guitar. You need practice at each lesson until its perfect, with guidance to stop you at each error and re instill the correct lesson until you reach that perfection. Its the only way!

I completely see why the tours are run like they are. A lot to learn in terms of application, but not enough time left to be able to cover all the bases to make a complete package and for each trainee to re-learn and practice each skillset until its perfect and automated, which is the needed result.


”They don’t care how much you know when you’ve ruined their chance for a holiday of a lifetime!”


So that tends to be the trend for the big established giants, what about the medium to small companies out there which encompasses most of the world’s tour operations. Well in some cases they don’t have the resources, on road experiences in the office or the money to offer you such training. Therefore usually a couple days in an office environment jamming as much in your head as possible with what they have, and then a week or two watching someone else take a tour. THAT’S IT!

New Tour leaders are expected just for a short period of watching to know how to run a tour, how to people manage and how to overcome all the potential problems that do show up on a tour.

To give an example of why this is can be dangerous, it could be like someone with no experience watching a surgeon perform a surgery, take detailed notes, and then two weeks later do the exact same surgery in the same manner and get the same perfect result. It just is not going to happen and you would never attempt it because you know its not going to end well!


SO whats the end result?

This means that things turn out to be very stressful for a new tour leader and the ‘burn out’ rate or drop out rate after just a few months is huge! Many don’t make it back to their second year and fewer make it past into their third year.

When i started 75% of the training group finished the training, by the end of the first year 60% remained and continued into a second year. Only 40% remained into a Third year, and this was considered a very good group! This is not isolated and in fact an all too common thread.

Simply trainees are not able, in the time and training given, time to grasp firmly the TOOLS to thrive and often left feeling alone on the road with  the feeling of no one to turn to for help!……….. I KNOW!! Very well! As I’ve been that tour leader looking for answers in my first season on the road.


This is so comfortable! night night!!


Whats the solution?

I believe there needs to be a pre cursor to these trainings, a supplement of theory added to the practicle application that can be studied until the skills are perfected.

We are changing the approach!!! Giving you the chance for FREE so you can learn all the systems needed to run a perfect tour and learn them inside out. Know what to say, when to say and what to do, when to do it and more important the why you are doing it, before you get crammed with info overload and are suffering from illness or just exhaustion.

You’ll notice that through these pages I always highlight the word ‘SYSTEM often and that is because it really is just that. Human beings like sound and grounded systems and put faith in ‘routines’, just another fancy way of saying they have a SYSTEM that they follow. Why?…….. Because they work and can be repeated everytime for a successful result!!!

So dont worry, I am here to give you those systems for FREE on this site in a way you will understand them and know how to use them. I am here to help build you up for success and new life!

If only something like this existed when i was first starting out!


All we ask is that from time to time or with each video you click the link below of one of our sponsored Ads to keep this information coming and FREE for everyone!


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