Travel Reviews

Great travel reviews like this are the reason we do this job!! Well actually……… NO!

Although its so nice to finish a great tour and be able to read your travel reviews and personal notes that get you feeling all happy and gooey inside, its not the reason why we want to read travel reviews like the ones below!!

SO what is the reason? Its to see if we impacted on the passengers experience and enhanced it!

An amazing tour leader will ALWAYS go above and beyond and will always put the passengers needs 1st!!! Its the Tour Leader’s responsibility to make sure that the passengers are so very happy and really are living the dream adventure they have always wanted.

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Give as much as you can and the difference will surely show

If you give as much as you can to your passengers they will see you are doing it for the them to make their travel experience more amazing, and will respond by doing everything they can to make your job easier! Everyone turns up on time, everyone does their best to keep the tour moving, harmony in the group and all issues disappear, as people are having too much fun in their travel’s to not be happy. Also they are more understanding when problems do arise. This is all great news for you.

And in then end you’ll reap all the rewards of an amazing time, friendships and connections that will last over the years, and have EARNED THE RIGHT to have that warm and wonderful moving feeling you get at the end the travel when you see these letters and reviews.

Not to mention its at this point where passengers will often show gratitude for your hard work and you going beyond your job description.

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