Services for Tour Operators

Sometimes when you’re so involved in your own company it is hard to get a different perspective on things or be able to implement necessary changesĀ  to improve your final product.

The Tour Leaders in your organisation are the face of your product and all that your passengers have to gain the right impression of what you are all about. It is important to have the following key elements in place:

  • Correct training,
  • Correct use of contracts,
  • Code of conducts,
  • Reward systems,
  • Building the right ethos and delivery of your product by your Tour Leaders

The correct implementation of the above mentioned is critical for, not only the success of your current business, but in the growth of your business through your passenger referrals.

We can help you assess your systems and implement a plan for future success.


Training Programs

Our experience shows that ill trained Tour Leaders, whether that be those who:

  • learn bad habits through shadowing,
  • bad training techniques,
  • learning the wrong systems,
  • or mass produced Tour Leaders who miss out on the essential skill training

Leads to poor performance, loss of referrals and customers, aswell as a low retention and high turn over rate. Either way it means a loss of a valuable resource… Money!

Having a correct and easy to follow training program is key for the ultimate success of your Tour Leaders and in creating:

  • High percentage of retention of your valuable staff
  • Ensures uniformity in your tours
  • Promises a high standard of experience you want your passengers to have
  • Leads to huge amount of referrals via word of mouth
  • Save you a fortune in marketing by receiving hot leads or bookings without spending more money!

Training it an expensive process if you’re continually training new crew and spending money on recruitment. Money you rather invest in the growth of your business and future ideas.

Let us help you create a training program that fits your needs and allows you peace of mind knowing your Tour Leaders are happy in their roles, delivering your product to the highest standard and remaining within your business for years to come.


Mystery Passenger Program

Knowing whats occuring on your tours whilst you’re not their to watch is a peace of mind all tour operators need to ensure they can focus on the behind the scences systems and future improvements.

However, being on the road to keep an eye on things is not always possible and not always a good way to really understand what is going on in your tours whilst you are not around.

Passenger reviews are wonderful in giving us an insight to passenger experience, but dont give much insight into where the failings are in your systems. Either that be from your Tour Leader’s skills, The coach operators systems and delivery, the general systems you put in place to run the day to day of the tour operation on the road, or even suppliers, or hotel locations and reasons as to why they are not delivering.

Our Mystery Passenger program looks at your operation on the road from every aspect of running a tour with the understanding of what works from a systems point of view. All done with the element of truth as our passengers are indesguisable from your everyday tourist and will experience exactly what is happening on your tours.

We can then feed back to you with comprehensive reporting on changes that can be made to bring fast results. We offer you genuine, feasible changes that can be made to provide the right solutions.


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