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Welcome to all to my blog. I hope you enjoy reading what happens in this part of the site.

Here you’ll find more free information and hints and tips for the road

However you will also find stories and those great tales the road! Enjoy what really happens on tours and what Tour Leaders really go through on the road!

Dont forget to check regularly for blog updates and also free videos, which look at things to help you be a better Tour Leader


7 thoughts on “Welcome Blog

  1. im really excited for August! ill be the first in line to get the course. One of my best friends trained under you in your last company and he’s loving life at a tour guide now.
    I hope to join him next year that for sure man 🙂

  2. Hi John
    Thanks so much for your message!
    We can not wait to get this system out to you and get you on your way 🙂
    It really is a small world and its amazin how connected we all are now with the internet. Would love to know who your best friend is? Please feel free to email us at the contact me page with more info
    Kind regards
    David (TLC)

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